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27, Female

  • Single
  • 5'4" - 5'7" (161-170cm)
  • Athletic
  • Caucasian

Lives Near

Carnegie, Victoria

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I'm a 27yo Single Female in Carnegie Victoria

Sporty girl lookin 4 sporty, non-smoking, down-2-Earth guy! No PLAYERS plz!

About me

Hey, I'm 29.. not 27! haha I'm the type of person who loves having a great time, but who doesn't? So what makes me different to others?? I'm SPORTY, down-to-earth, relaxed, fun, caring, honest and lovable.. I hope. I've experienced many jobs so far, but right now I am a Personal Trainer. I can be shy at first but once you get to know me I come out of my shell. I enjoy having fun, being active, playing and watching sport and guitar. I like riding my bike (push and motor) and blading too. I am not your typical kind of girl, that is for sure. If you are after a girly-girl, that is not me - I play AFL haha. I'm different, or maybe unique is a better way of putting it haha.
Personal Trainer, Bicycle Mechanic
University Degree

I am looking for a male

Activity Partner, Friendship, Marriage, Relationship, Romance
24 to 32
The IDEAL guy for me would be one who likes me for who I am and what I do - someone with similar interests (eg being active and sport as well as other things) and a NON-SMOKER nor a druggie. Someone who isn't a big clubber as I'm over the whole club scene! A guy who respects me, treats me well, takes me as I am, someone who is fit and healthy. A dog-lover too! A man who isn't self-centred and selfish and listens to and asks for other people's thoughts and opinions and takes them in. A guy who looks after his body, smells great, tastes great (good breath PLEASE - brush teeth, chew gum, take break mints and use listerine please!) and plays sport! A guy who can hold a conversation, who is FUNNY, cracks jokes, cheerful and positive, and can talk seriously when need be! One who doesn't shy away from issues.. and when things get tough.. will work through them! A go-getter who isn't all talk but who can set goals and work towards them! A man who isn't embarrassed by me and will hang with me with my friends but also invite me to hang with his friends too! And.. if things work out in the future.. have the balls to meet my parents and introduce me to his.. A guy who doesn't lead a double life! Someone who has many talents and can teach me new things, handy at fixing things! Someone I can play sport with, have a kick with and a bit of fun! Someone who can make me a better AFL player! Up for the challenge?! Someone who can be a best friend and possibly a lover. Am I asking for too much? Please don't bother contacting me if you just want some sexual 'fun' and are a player. I've been told single, healthy, fit, sporty, decent, genuine, non-playing, non-smoking guys still exist... so if this is true, please apply! :P *****PLEASE... no smokers sorry. I prefer not to be contacted if you are one.***** *Note: If you are after a Personal Trainer, I may be the girl for you whatever your fitness/sporting goals are!*
5'8" - 5'11" (171-180cm)

The fine print


My interests


station surfer during the day.. mix, nova, fox, mmm, gold, smooth, lite, , at night.. nice relaxing songs.. love song dedications.. easy listening on mix :P


the sports section in the newspaper is my fave :P, , health and fitness books and mags.

Other Interests