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57, Male

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  • 5'8" - 5'11" (171-180cm)
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Junction Village, Victoria

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About me

I have a successful career profile and work long hours. But more than this, have a firm conviction that a life spent helping others is never wasted. As a result I have sacrificed to help those I care about, some would say too much so. But in giving I have been blessed. I am learning now to build solid boundaries so that a healthy work-life balance is maintained. I have learned many lessons in life, some of the most important ones being never to judge others or let the sun set on my anger towards someone who has upset me. They, with seeing the positives in every situation and finding joy and laughter in everyday events means my life is ever rich and vibrant. I want to have an attitude of thanks everywhere I go and with whoever I am blessed to meet and know. I never stop learning, and love the process of discovering how to make someone else feel special. I like to keep young and active, I don't look my age (or act it), and there is a childlike playful side to my personality, although I know how to make tough decisions when needed. Socially I have many interests, including hiking/camping, cycling, cooking, entertaining, dining out, golf, kids sport and others. I am anything but superficial. While I will respond out of courtesy to anyone who contacts me, I want a deep ongoing relationship with the right person. I need romance in my life and need a true partner to compliment and share life together. I know how how to communicate effectively and you will have no problem in getting me to talk. I believe strongly in open and honest communication, accountability and vulnerability. Life is too short to be wearing a mask :-)
Master's Degree

I am looking for a female

30 to 55
I seek someone who is a giver, like me. When a giver is in a one-sided relationship they can quickly be sucked dry. Anyone reading this who is primarily a giving person would relate to what I am saying. I believe that Chauvinism and Feminism have a lot to answer for in the dating scene as they betray the two most important aspects of any partnership - Trust and Respect. Without these things there is no true relationship. So: If you are looking at my profile and thinking 'open chequebook' for your next overseas holiday, visa or similar, please swipe me by. I have recently helped pay for someone's expenses - and I'm not even going! :-) If you are retired or semi retired and want some company, please keep looking. My lack of disposable free time will annoy and upset you. I will be working for a long time yet and am not slowing down anytime soon.... If you are looking at this with a checklist, feel free to check in on someone else. I am interested in something much deeper.... But if you are interested in building a strong, dynamic beautiful meaningful relationship/family/team for the future, please don't hesitate to contact me. It means we are on the same page. It means we choose to be vulnerable and work together, as opposed to guarded and cynical. If we end up together we will shine together like beacons in a broken world.
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