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22, Male

  • Single
  • 5'8" - 5'11" (171-180cm)
  • Average
  • British

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Birtinya, Queensland

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I'm a 22yo Single Male in Birtinya Queensland

Life goes by, and all I'm doing is standing there laughing.

About me

Hey, my name is Perry, and I like to think I'm as odd as my name sounds! Although I have been told it's a good kind of odd, so I guess that's okay. I am currently living in the UK, and am moving back out to Australia within the next few months to be with my family on the sunshine coast. I'm a dual national, and am a citizen of the UK, and your wonderful country, Australia. A bit about me: Once I crashed a wake by accident and small dogs make me stop and look in the street. Oh, and another time I fell off a horse. I've never had an Australian partner, so I don't really know how to sell myself to you beautiful Aussies, but I'm not a typical 'lad' as we would say over here in the UK. I can take or leave sport, I have numerous tweed jackets, I prefer cocktails, wine, and ciders to beer, I love classical music, and I enjoy cooking. I also have a nose ring, and a few tattoos (that I will continue to add too). So if you are looking for some butch, bearded surfer dude, thats not me. However, if you are looking for someone who can cook you a meal from scratch, and someone who is out going and always up for a laugh, that might be me. Oh, and I am a bit of a science/tech nerd. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with honours, and I am halfway through my Masters, also in Psychology. One day I would love to run my own clinic, and so someone who is as driven as I am is important. Also, I have a very British accent. Apparently some Aussie girls are in to that. Thanks for reading, any questions just hit me up! P.S, don't be scared to message me first, I like a confident woman ;) P.P.S, Sorry if this is an essay, or I come across as too serious, I'm really not most of the time. P.P.P.S, of you are still reading this you should probably message me!
Trainee Psychologist
Master's Degree

I am looking for a female

Marriage, Relationship
18 to 25
The most important things for me in a women is the ability to have a good laugh at everything, someone who is honest and caring, and someone who can hold a good conversation. Also, I have a thing for beautiful brunettes :P
No preference
No preference

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