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36, Male

  • Single
  • 6'0" - 6'3" (181-190cm)
  • Cuddly
  • British

Lives Near

Melton South, Victoria

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I'm a 36yo Single Male in Melton South Victoria

4x4 Fun in my 237c.i V8 Mate

About me

Bitter Angry Guy that is over everything, Most try to avoid me, I have disabilities like Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, Panic and Anxiety, Anti Social and boring, plain and simple, destined to be alone so it seems... I have no teeth so I even look strange, and that too makes me feel insecure. I am on welfare because of my disabilities, I do want to work but discrimination is so powerful in Australia, sad face... only has a small group of friends, seem to be making more since I started league bowling at Moorabbin AMF on Tuesday nights.. mingling with a crowd I guess is like therapy.. I like Motor Sports, Music, Movies, The Out Doors, Mountains and Hills, I drive a LR Disco V8 4x4 with open diffs so it's more like a AWD, Hope to get diff locks for it one day so it can be a true 4x4, Likes fishing but has rarely caught fish, guess lack of experience but still tried.. Wants to go camping even if it's just an over nighter.. I rarely drink alcohol, I do smoke billies but I don't smoke cigarettes.. I have 2 kids, boy and a girl bother older then 10.. they live in Geelong. I like to click like on photos that I think were taken with care, Not a fan of pouting lips kiss photos as it makes the person look like a fish.. while on the subject of kissing, I don't kiss.. I will hug and comfort but kissing is is ... yeah.. guess ya have to be switched on and in the mood.. Tho I haven't kiss any one since I had the accident that forced me to get all me teeth removed so who knows I might might kissing enjoyable.. maybe.. I love hugs when I can get them.. I'm not sexually active and I not really looking to start having sex again... been there done that woo hoo click LIKE! .. My best friend is Aboriginal so you would have to pass her high standards if you want to get closer to me.. My father was a boat person from England, My mother was a convict from Australia so I am 1st gen Aussie I think... I am attracted to all types of people.. I do try to be friendly.. Just looking for people to give me a chance and try to get to know me.. I am not looking to jump on you.. or hug you... but a hug would be nice I am loyal and honest. I am your slave, Helping hand, Leaning post, Weirdo, Nut Job Wacko I like to lick and rim hug and phuck, try new things sometimes very kinky Second Language: Other = Jiberish Religion View: You want to believe in a figment of thee imagination (that being god and/or gods) Then that is your choice, Just know that I will not agree but I may let you try to brainwash me but I doubt I will ever believe in something that is NOT real, Honestly, people should believe in themselves instead of a figment of thee imagination created within their own head! - Sorry I am not sorry if my views offend you, Religion has offended me my whole life and I hate it! I see everyone owns a iPhone, so tell me.. my cheap and nasty samsung has a timer on it so I can set it on something to hold itself to take a photo... so can the iPhone do that or Is there some trend in using a mirror and holding the smartphone so you have bragging rights and proof that you have a iPhone *Grinz* What I'm Looking For Well Above I said I am over the bs, So will only accept request that are local to me so don't be offended or hurt if I reject you... if your outside of Victoria I will most likely reject you,.. Melbourne has how many suburbs? be honest, put your suburb in.. Human being, You get to know me and see if we clash or mount.. You tell me, You Boss me, You demand me, Willingness to try new things, Some one active, not a super model has a bit of chumpyness but isn't fat.. just cute if we like each other and want to take it further.. then cool, we play... not a fan of blonde hair so could you dye it another colour? someone that wont get offended easy as I can be hurtful at times without meaning to be! I Sigh,You Sigh, We all Sigh together o.O
Ex Window Film Installer

I am looking for a female

Activity Partner, Friendship, Relationship, Romance, Casual, Pen Pal
19 to 42
an out going person, someone not afraid to walk to the top of Hanging Rock, Someone into Speedway, Loud music, Horror films, Aussie Films, Camping, Fishing, MOPAR & Valiant, Land Rover, Outdoors, Nudity, Gaming, LINUX ..... What Ever Really... Who knows, You might get me hooked on something new!
No preference
No preference

The fine print

within 3 years

My interests

Movies & TV

Gone in 60 Seconds 1 and 2 and nick cage remake of the same film, Mad Max, Midnite Spares, Running On Empty, Malcolm, BMX Bandits, add more later, umm can't watch SAW films and I wished I never seen A Serbian Film *Shock Horror* **Shudders**


Motorsport not AFL or NRL No Like Ball Sports

Other Interests

Seroquel - 4x4 driving - Milo - Coffee - Fishing - Giving Oral


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