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63, Male

  • 5'8" - 5'11" (171-180cm)
  • Athletic

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Reservoir, Victoria

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I'm a 63yo Male in Reservoir Victoria

I am kind , considerate , understading , loving and open

About me

Wow how can I answer this question , there is so much to say ... I think my summary says a lot I believe in love and kindness , I believe we are all different and just want someone to accept us for what we are, and who we are, so we can experience being ourselves . This I believe I am capable of ... I like to help people with what they wish to do , empower them in there wishes is that not what we are here for ... Just to create love , joy and fun , how ever it is , people are different , there needs and wants are , this I understand , I guess that is what open means . My needs are very low I just want someone who is honest , open , and communicates realising anything can be sorted out with open communication , the reverse generally just causes frustration and pain something I have no desire to experience or give . I give happiness and joy , how ever that is understanding beauty is in the eyes of the beholder . Me , I do not believe I look my age , I am definitely fit for my age , but that is my physical aspect , and I believe the mind it much more powerful ... and mind wise no I am no where near my age , I tend to have the ability to talk to anyone both younger older . But really I am very young at heart , and freedom for all is very important for me . What am I after , fun excitement , friendship . And on the friendship side of things I am very loyal and understanding , but if I have a preference I like deep and meaning full friendships , where I can open my soul to the other , knowing they can open their soul to me knowing they will never be judged , I would only be kind and help them with their fears and their dreams where I can . XXX
University Degree

I am looking for a female

30 to 54
Yeah I like slim and fit , but so am I . Age not too much of importance . But the mind is of importance , you of mind and young of heart is important to me , being open and kind and loving .... I could say more but if I sound interesting lets chat , and find out XXX
No preference

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