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20, Male

  • Single
  • 6'4" (191cm) or above
  • Athletic

Lives Near

Kelvin Grove, Queensland

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I'm a 20yo Single Male in Kelvin Grove Queensland

Charming smile and strong confidence in myself.

About me

My name is Ev and I believe in fitness! Not only I believe in it I fucking preach it! Would choose going to the gym, going for a run or taking up sport activity over sitting at home any day! I dedicate my life to getting successful and educating my ignorant ass. My life is going great and it will only get better from now. Strong self motivation skills and charming smile - my selling points. Now you got a choice of either sending me a message or going next. Do whatever the FUCK you wanna do!
starting enterpreneur
Some university

I am looking for a female

18 to 22
No preference
No preference

The fine print

after 5 years

My interests


Hyped up music, that makes you want to bounce of the walls and lift heavy. Could listen to mellow tunes as well..

Movies & TV

The usual boy's stuff, horror, would watch a well done romantic movie.


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