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31, Female

  • 5'8" - 5'11" (171-180cm)
  • Slim

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Sydney, New South Wales

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I'm a 31yo Female in Sydney New South Wales

am a loveable person

About me

Well a little about my self,i always feel happy,you know why?,Because i don't expect anything from anyone.Expectations always hurt.life is short.so love your life.be happy.AND KEEP SMILING.just live for yourself and before you speak,LISTEN.Before you write,THINK.Before you spend,EARN.Before you pray,FORGIVE,Before you hurt,FEEL.Before you have,GIVE.before you quit,TRY.Before you die,LIVE.that's the little you need to know about me
fashion designer
High School graduate

I am looking for a male

30 to 70
There is really nothing to describe about my future partner,for me age,looks,distance,or status doesn't matter,for me i look at the heart,love and trust is all that matters,for me the ones who love you will never leave you.Even if there are hundred reasons to give up,they will find one reason to hold on,cos that is the driving force of every real and serious relationship,so am looking for someone that is ready to love and be loved back
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