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48, Female

  • Single
  • 5'4" - 5'7" (161-170cm)
  • Average
  • Mixed

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Jacobs Well, Queensland

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I'm a 48yo Single Female in Jacobs Well Queensland

Vibrant, fun, intelligent, compassionate, spontaneous, passionate, and loyal. I'm definitely a glass half full kind of person. I practice "gratitude" on a daily basis.

About me

I work to live not live to work - though I love what I do I enjoy my "downtime" immensely including exploring new horizons when I get the chance - life is all about balance. I'm the sort of person who'd rather have a few good friends than hundreds of acquaintances but having said that I tend to make friends easily. I'm in a professional role where I'm an advisor in the Medical system and I love it. I have a strong interest in the human body and behaviour. I can find myself energised by others but I sometimes also crave solitude. Life is full of paradoxes after all! I believe the best relationships are a balance of togetherness and separateness. Someone once told me if its not "joyful" then don't do it and I find that is increasingly becoming my motto in life. I've got a serious side but I prefer to see the lighter side of life. There is a lot of brutality in this world but there is also a lot to be hopeful about too. I always remember that saying about "look for the helpers" in any tragedy that unfolds. Diamonds are made under pressure after all.
Medical Professional
PhD/Post doctorate

I am looking for a male

Friendship, Relationship, Romance, Casual, Travel Partner
50 to 60
I'm looking for a man who is wanting to be in a relationship and all that that entails. I occasionally watch couples who have a natural ease about them and it's very attractive and enticing. I want a man who wants to reach for my hand to hold at a BBQ with family and friends. I want to be with a man that I want to reach for too. When it feels right there's nothing better. Though in living and loving there is risk I believe the greater risk is to allow life to pass you by. Some people sadly die never having lived. That is not going to be me.
6'0" - 6'3" (181-190cm)
No preference

The fine print


My interests


I enjoy various kinds of music from classic, rock, modern although I don't enjoy the rap and hip hop music young people listen to today.


I enjoy reading romance historical novels

Movies & TV

I enjoy watching ABC and SBS I like keeping up to date with what is happening in our world. I enjoy comedy. romance and fantasy movies

Other Interests

I enjoy the arts, I spend a lot of my time visiting galleries and take show accommodation packages to relax regularly sometimes alone and other times as a group with my close friends. I also enjoy the beach, swimming, boating but my favourite is getting on the catamaran.


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