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Tease.com.au - A new era in online dating!

Hi and welcome to Tease.com.au

I guess the one question you're asking yourself is 'How come your site is completely free?', and, indeed, it is a good question. Essentially, there's two parts to the answer.

Number one: we're quite new. We only really opened our doors to the world at large late September, 2005. At the moment, we don't have anywhere near the member base of other sites, and as such, it would be morally reprehensible to us to charge people a fee for a service that is, well, non existent. Without people to browse and talk to, there's not much point, is there?

Number two: We don't feel that an online dating service *should* charge their customers for the service, which isn't to say that a business shouldn't be allowed to make some money to pay their staff.

We are looking at all *sorts* of weird and wonderful ways of putting a few bucks in our pockets. There's certainly a bit of money to be had from advertising, including sponsorship deals and so forth, but that may not be enough. We are looking at organising speed dating events in all the major cities as well, and that may act as a source of revenue to fund the site. Perhaps we will have to introduce a 'Platinum' membership of sorts, whereby you get extended access to features (say, 20 images in their profile instead of 5), above and beyond the average user, however, the general Joe off the street still has full access to do whatever they want - including all the chatting and messaging and Teasing they can.

Will this be enough? It's very tough to say at the moment. While the infrastructure costs of running small site are quite insignificant, that rapidly changes when the site gets larger. Staff costs alone are incredible, not to mention all the expensive computer equipment you need.

So, with that in mind, we've decided that the site will be completely free and open to all users until we have reached a milestone of 20,000 signed members, at which point, we will stop, assess our costs, and decide on where we are at. It may well be that we can afford to keep going to 40,000, to 80,000, who knows? It is one of those things that we simply haven't got enough data yet to calculate with any degree of accuracy. When we know, however, you'll know.

In addition, we make this promise to every one of our clients: Should we ever be forced to switch to a charging model, first of all, all pre-existing accounts will have the option to subscribe at a far cheaper rate. This is an offer that we will extend indefinitely. We believe it's the least we can do for our die hard members, the ones who've been with us from the start.

Secondly, we won't ever charge the overwhelming amounts some of the other sites seem to think is necessary. We've seen online dating services with prices of $100 per month. We're of the opinion that sort of figure is laughably expensive. We have no idea what sort of price, if any, we may have to set, but we do however aim to keep the running this site open and transparent, we want our members to be involved in the process. We're a couple of guys working in a tiny office in Perth, and that's how we want you to think of us - we're exactly the same as you guys, only, we were stupid enough to try and start a dating site.